Lisa has over 30 years in training and talent development with extensive experience in sales, internal and external marketing, communications, presentation & promotion, and organizational transformation
I am an attachment life coach. I work on overcoming the limiting beliefs, coping mechanisms and defence mechanisms created in childhood. When these mechanisms are visible, they are overcome-able and create longer lasting change and fulfilment.
Her passion is to help people to understand their operating mode, to improve relationships and optimise personal and professional development. She provides coaching using models of personalities like Enneagram and Profiles Nuances for which she has certifications. In addition to her personal development training courses, she also gives training courses on communication, stress management, conflict management and leadership.
Dana is providing counselling, coaching and training services to professionals, middle management or private clients.
Angela is an experienced trainer with her major in Business Etiquette, Customer Excellence, Body Language, Networking and Table Manners. Angela has a profound academic background. She loves knowledge and considers it to be the cornerstone of personal development.
Catharina has delivered soft skills trainings, run team building activities and done executive coaching in Luxembourg and all over Europe for more than 20+ years.
I'm a Global Leadership Coach/trainer/consultant with more than 20 years experience working in big international organizations such as Amazon.
Focus on Performance Coaching, Experiential Training and Organisational Relational Systemic Team Coaching in the HR Sector and Business Sector
Christine provides coaching & training to individuals and teams in the financial industry, supporting them on their path to professional and personal development
Passionate about foreign cultures and interpersonal communication, Françoise is intercultural coach, trainer and consultant.
Grainne Corr is a certified Advanced Coach in corporate and life coaching. Her mission is to develop potential and improve performance for executives by developing leadership skills, setting goals, enhancing decision making skills and improving relationships and communication.
Vasilika Klimova is an author of several courses, collaborating for many years as an instructor and mentor, in well-known online and offline schools, such as HTMLAcademy, Netology, Moscow Coding School, GeekBrains school and Loftschool. She is a regular speaker at different Frontend Europe Conferences.
Coaching individuals with body & mind techniques to be aware of body resources to reach their goals and flourish. EMCC coach. Certified sophrologist. Coaching at ADEM, private companies, retraining. Specific coaching program for women professionals. Accompanying women with breast cancer.
Claudia is a translator, interpreter, tour guide and planner, teacher of foreign languages in Italy and Italian for foreigners elsewhere, with a passion for cinema, travel and Argentine tango. She has lived in several places in Italy and abroad (UK, Belgium, USA, Luxembourg).
Ever since early childhood, I'd been cradled in the world of textile wool spinning and beautiful high quality fabric. During my long experience as an Executive Assistant in prestigious companies, I noticed that the image of some businesspeople in Luxembourg, regardless of gender and hierarchy level, was not necessarily the one they would have liked to reflect. My objective is to help men and women create their own style, while maximising their potential and making them feel comfortable as well as help them take the little extra step that will sublimate the person they are deep inside.
Åsa Rydhard is a mentor, coach and trainer within leadership, communication and social branding using storytelling as a key tool to make an impact. As a former pastor she is also an appreciated counselor acting as a soundboard for leaders that want to elevate their career.
Lesley provides professional development, management and leadership coaching and team coaching. She is from an IT background so understands the specific constraints and challenges that IT teams face. She also provides mentoring, facilitation services and tailored management training.
Passionate about self-development, Marie provides kind and supportive coaching to individual who want to change their life. She also runs a program for woman to find happiness and balance disregard their relationship status. Her clients praise her fun and loving yet though provoking style.
Lottie’s passion lies in seeing her clients unlock their potential and grow. As an executive coach, she provides an environment full of energy, warmth and challenge in equal measure which in turn enables her client’s performance to excel. She has over 10 years experience and in excess of 750 coaching hours, of working with senior leaders, enabling them to develop their own leadership brand ensuring compatibility with their organisation and customer base.
Catherine HENROTTE is a professional coach (ICN Business School certified) and a certified trainer who uses her talent for analysis and communication in a solutions-oriented approach to coaching and training. Her focus on sustainable performance through well-being at work, supports clients in developing competencies and attitudes which increase the quality of their work and professional image.
With a background in Positive Organizational Psychology, Leadership & Organization Development, as well as Coaching and Hypnosis, Frauke loves to partner with the horses to support her clients' transformation process. Horses are able to give honest, direct, and unbiased feedback, and therefore offers clients an immediate tangible and visible reaction to their behavior, emotions, body language, or communication skills.
Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Association. I am also a member of John Maxwell team-currently in the process of accreditation, as John Maxwell Speaker and Coach. I am working under the name “Change Catalyst”, which perfectly reflects my mission as a coach, which is to unlock people's full potential.
I am a visual communication & performance coach, working with companies, freelancer and ONG΄s since 12 years. I offer CLEAR, HONEST, UNIQUE & CREATIVE communication services through systemic coaching to take a thoughtful sustainable next step.
Rick WOLFE is the creator of the Kitchen Table Conversation methodology and Master Moderator. His 3+ decades perfecting the KTC methodology has allowed him to understand the mechanics of conversation with the depth and clarity that few enjoy – especially in the business world. Rick’s obsession with the Beautiful Question is uncompromising. “The beautiful question captivates us,” he says, “it immerses us at the table and keeps us riveted within the conversation.”
Ritu brings practical experience from her managerial and leadership roles spanning over 20 years in varied industries like the Financial sector, Retail, Logistics and Automotive.
Nadine Hunziger is passionate about the individual`s transformation within organisations. She believes that the success of a team is based on the link between leaders and their unit. The healthier the relationship, the better the team`s performance. Building team spirit and unlocking managers` block-points are just two ways that managers can improve their relationships with their teams. Nadine focuses on increasing team motivation so that they can improve their performance and bring true value to every aspect of their work.
Tetyana has solid business experience coupled with strong background in computer-mediated interaction and communication, multilinguality, and digital marketing