KTC/Interview Debrief

Use this handy worksheet to ensure you have explored all perspectives and maximised the group’s learning. Above all be curious about each person’s perspective and experience of the exercise.

STEP 1 Reflection

  1. Ask the group to take a few minutes to reflect in silence about the exercise.
  2. Ask them to note any general observations they might have regarding the interaction or process.
  3. After 2 – 3 minutes, encourage individuals to share their thoughts and reflections, with open-ended questions such as the ones below.

Would anyone like to share an observation?
So, what did you notice?
What information/interaction did you notice the most and why?
What surprised you?

STEP 2 Probe for Deeper Understanding or Awareness

  1. Use probing questions (see examples below) or paraphrasing to explore statements made by participants further or to create a clearer snapshot of the person’s observations.

Tell me a bit more about that.
Why do you think that happened?
What’s your biggest take-away from that observation?
Did others notice something similar… or different?
How does that observation impact our understanding of the situation?
What were the problems? Who was impacted?
Ask if anyone else has any questions that sprung to mind that they would like to share with the group.

STEP 3 Wrap Up

After participants have had a chance to share their observations, take a minute to wrap-up by summarizing some of the most agreed-upon points or statements where there wasn’t agreement.

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