Kitchen Table Conversation Moderator Training (Virtual)

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This is a virtual course, conducted over Zoom.

Every conference veteran and round-table doyen has probably taken part in far too many sessions that were dull, boring, or went too long without a discernible action or plan for resolution. We’ve all seen facilitated meetings that were either stiff and cautious, or where a few personalities dominated. The Kitchen Table Conversation methodology ensures lively debate, interesting discoveries, and reliable outcomes.

Created by Rick Wolfe the Kitchen Table Conversation process creates a comfortable and safe environment for open communication and information sharing. It allows participants to reside in a state of heightened cooperation where it is easy and safe to disagree, air differences of opinions, quickly confirm or repudiate assumptions or organizational dogma, and to generate new innovative ways to considerately resolve problems. The Kitchen Table Conversation Moderator training program instructs participants on how to;

  1. establish an atmosphere of information sharing and knowledge creation that is fun and lively,
  2. engage stakeholder populations in meaning-making and cmmittment to Change initiatives,
  3. use everyday vocabulary and leverage standard social protocol to encourage and support meaningful and results-oriented conversation.

Immersive Experience

Because we believe in learning through doing, Kitchen Table Conversation (KTC) Moderator Training is designed to ensure you have maximum exposure to KTCs during the program. Each KTC is designed around at least one methodology element critical to the success of the KTC.

Virtual Training Format

The training is divided into 6 stand-alone modules. It is best to take them in the standard order, but it is possible to join a future training cohort if you are unable to attend one or two sessions. Each session is 3 ½ hours long and will be conducted virtually on the same afternoon each week from 14:00 to 17:30 or 15:30 to 19:00. Timing and day of the week is confirmed with participants of each cohort.

Who Should Attend?

Kitchen Table Conversation Moderation training can benefit anyone who wishes to engage in more meaningful and fruitful discussion both professionally and socially, but it will be especially helpful to individuals who:

  1. have previous presentation, facilitation, and/or influencing skills training and know they can up their game
  2. are key influencers in their organisation or association
  3. regularly engage in public speaking, round-table discussions, or other open-forum dialogue
  4. are called upon to moderation or negotiate resolutions between internal or external groups
  5. would like to take their skill to an altogether other level
  6. wish to use well-honed communication skills to advance their career and/or get noticed within the organisation

As well as full instruction, the registration fee includes access to templates, guidelines, checklists and samples. All prticipants will receive a copy of Rick and Lisa’s latest book: Innovation at the Kitchen Table: Better Business Through Conversation.


Strataffect SA, is the centre of excellence for Kitchen Table Conversations in Europe. Please contact Lisa FRANCIS-JENNINGS at for information on corporate packages and pricing.


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