Virginie Lemay-Vriesde

Global Leadership Trainer/Mentor

Virginie Lemay-Vriesde is a Global Leadership Mentor with more than 20 years’ experience working in international organizations such as Amazon. With mastery of 5 languages, she provides training across cultures and globalized audiences. As a thought-leader, she views leadership as inclusive and extolls the value of embracing new leadership competencies that came to the forefront and will be urgently required in a #CuratingCovid19 world.

She takes a holistic view of areas such as team management, communication, leveraging positive mindset, women in leadership, Organisational Change, stress, time & conflict management, networking and diversity & inclusion. Her approach focuses on developing a deeper understanding of the intricacy of leading organizations in transition and distilling positive organizational qualities to repeatable behaviours that strengthen the team.

Her training and mentoring programs help local managers transition to global leaders. Clients build core competencies, improve their leadership skills and, in the process discover their hidden resources of confidence and courage.

Languages: French, English, German, Dutch and Italian

Experience in numbers

20+ years international organizations
1 book: My revenge on life
5 languages
473 posts on Social Media
28 articles/blogs – 5 in French, 22 in English

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