Lisa Francis-Jennings

Organisational Change & Transformation Management (Group & Individual)

Organisational Coaching

Lisa brings keen focus to interventions. She motivates and inspires individuals and groups to push beyond boundaries enabling them to translate strategic concepts to tactical implementation plans.


Advanced Program for the Management of Strategic Change
Executive Master of Science: Consulting & Coaching for Change
Predicting Workplace Performance

Find the best candidate to fit a role in your organisation. Take a strategic approach to talent development. Give your organisation a head-start in understanding and developing your employees effectively. Use Hogan assessments to gain insight into potential performance, and invaluable information about individuals’ drivers and motivators. 


Organisational Transformation; OCM (Organisational Change Management), Large Scale Technology Implementation Management,  Project & Programme Marketing, Promotion & Implementation, Organisational Impacts, Business Readiness, Training, Intervention Education & Communication

L&D; Programme & Training Design; Rapid Knowledge Transfer, Content Production, Train-the-Trainer Design & Implementation, Masterful Presentation Skills for Trainers [Serious Games], Curriculum Design & Competency Mapping, Certified Hogan Personality Inventory Assessor, Certified Saville Wave Assessor

Project, Programme & Process Governance; Process/Procedure Re-engineering, Business Transition & Scaling, Personal Branding


Languages: English


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