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Grainne Corr

Life and Executive Coach

Grainne Corr is a certified Advanced Coach in corporate and life coaching. She is also an accredited Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and has a certification in Professional Coaching Practices and Ethics. Grainne has a strong corporate background in finance in Dublin and Luxembourg. Her previous experience includes Senior Human Resources and Client Services. She also has extensive experience in Transfer Agency, Fund Accounting, Remote Management and Coaching.

Grainne is fully present to her clients, confidential, non-judgmental, open minded, empathetic and a great listener. Her mission is to develop potential and improve performance for executives by developing leadership skills, setting goals, enhancing decision making skills and improving relationships and communication. Her coaching technique is based on the Co-Active coaching model which begins by holding the client as naturally creative , resourceful and fully capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face.

Grainne studied Marketing in Dublin. Her diploma in coaching is affiliated with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Life & Business Association of Ireland (LBCAI) and the Association for Coaching (AC).

Languages: English


“My life coaching experience with Grainne has been a real eye opener and I am really amazed how powerful a tool life coaching can be! When I first met with Grainne, I felt a bit “stuck” in my life. There was something missing, and I needed to take action, but I just did not have the energy and did not really know where to start. Grainne helped me achieve clarity, to discover who I really am, what my values are and use these as a guide to make the changes needed for me to get back on track and move forward. By asking the right questions, providing guidance and valuable insights, Grainne helped me gain awareness of my own resources and enabled me to see new possibilities, inspired new ideas and encouraged me to set goals and take action with renewed motivation and confidence. Thank you so much, Grainne, for lighting the way for me and for helping me get back on track – you have been a great motivator and a great support and I am truly grateful to you for a wonderful coaching experience! ” Kirsten.Wentzel-Froberg

“Grainne Corr is an excellent coach and her empathy and gentle nature have enabled me to dig out some of my biggest fears and worries from the unconscious. With her guidance I was able to overcome them and regain trust in myself. She has taught me that coaching is an essential tool for personal development. I am now stronger than ever and I will be forever thankful to her. ”
Viviane P.

My coach Grainne has helped me improve with my procrastination and time management. And I am very happy that she was my coach. She helped me so that I’d be prepared for my exams and to stop me from resisting it. She is also a very easy person to talk to. And I hope to see her soon again.
Saul aged 14

“I had the pleasure of working with Corr Coaching in the past and I strongly recommend life coaching to anyone who values self-improvement. I found that life coaching really facilitated introspection and self-analysis that helped with setting and achieving life goals. Thank you Corr Coaching ?”
Will Doyle

“It was a pleasure to have these coaching sessions with Grainne.
I definitely appreciate her neutrality which is for me the specificity of coaching. Being neutral is not an easy task.
Grainne made me discover myself through elaborated exercises and practices but also thanks for her patience, her listening and interpersonal skills. She knows how to answer the questions and which questions to ask to induce change in our mindsets”
Clara Coudert

Success Stories

I’ve worked with people that have changed their lives due to coaching, people that have found their callings and pursued their callings. For example here is a quote from Viviane who had doubts about her upcoming career as a coach and her coaching abilities: “I was more than pleased to have you as my coach as my understanding of how coaching works has grown significantly with your help. Moreover, I was able to dig out some of my fears and worries from the unconsciousness, overcame them and gained the trust in the process of coaching. I´ll be forever thankful to you!”

Hourly rate: €265