Catharina Biver

Founder and Managing Director of Sparx Factory, Executive Coach / Trainer / Facilitator / Public Speaker
Catharina has delivered soft skills trainings, run team building activities and done executive coaching in Luxembourg and all over Europe for more than 20+ years. Her approach to training and coaching is practice-oriented and experiential; and due to her dynamic and empathetic personality she is able to motivate and inspire participants, enabling them to develop their potential and go above and beyond.
Swedish, and living in Luxembourg for more than 30 years, Catharina, started her professional life in finance and moved into training by chance – and discovered her passion. She specializes in management and leadership competencies with emphasize on communication and presentation skills, and personal effectiveness. Catharina is an ICF accredited coach, NLP Master Practitioner and a certified practitioner for Insights Discovery and MBTI Step I and II.

What drives Catharina

“I’m curious about how people work, what their true capacity is. Most people have huge, unused potential. I’m passionate about unleashing it, unfolding the knot that keeps them from achieving absolutely all they can. I thrive on the fast pace, high stakes, decision-making, and bright minds of the international corporate world. My work brought me to several European countries and the work in several of the European Institutions (Commission, Parliament, Court of Auditors, Court of Justice, EIB European Investment Bank) as well as NATO/NSPA and the ECB European Central Bank and EIPA European Institute of Public Administration, always with participants from multicultural backgrounds.

What sparks Catharina

“With effective communication, sparks can fly. Bruce Springsteen wrote the perfect lyrics: “You can’t start a fire without a spark”. I want to see flames!”

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