Angela 272

Angela Domasova

LSCE Founder and trainer

Angela’s moto: We cannot force people to comprehend the message if they are not ready to receive it. However, we should not underestimate the power of planting seeds. Angela Domasova is an experienced trainer with her major in Business Etiquette, Customer Excellence, Body Language, Networking and Table Manners. Angela has a profound academic background. She loves knowledge and considers it to be the cornerstone of personal development. High quality and professionalism has been always the core values distinguishing Angela from others in the market. Her philosophy aims at offering information through active intelligent learning. She has developed unique training methodology for presenting courses to the audience blending theory and practice. In 2017 Angela launched her project Luxembourg School of Contemporary Etiquette. Her dream is to show that ETIQUETTE is not something from the ancient epoch – it is a Contemporary Art of Effective Communications and a reliable tool for building relationships based on principles of respect. Angela believes that Elegance of communication built upon ETIQUETTE Rules is the key for success in any setting – be personal or professional.

Languages: English and Russian

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