EMC Topic #4: Integration with Processes

Our Question:

What might we see if the KTC approach was integrated within process development & maintenance?
What results could we expect?

More and more, we see how important collaboration is to process development, maintenance, and execution. We know that using the KTC approach changes the way people interact, behave, and think about conversation, but could it impact the quality and accuracy of business process?

Especially today, organisations are coming to understand that processes are not ‘set in stone’ and immovable, but practices that require agility and flexibility. Processes, the set of common behaviours and actions, are dictated by an ever-evolving marketplace and customer experience requirements. In a quickly evolving and harsh business landscape that is leaving many organisations behind, could the KTC approach, and the KTC moderation process, be used to guide rapid process development or iteration?

Date and Time

February 24th, 2022
17:30 – 19:00
11:30 – 13:00  
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