EMC Topic #3: Changing Values

Our Question:

What role might the KTC moderator, or the moderation process, play in changing the values and/or guiding principles of the organisation?

The world of work was changing before 2020, but the conditions caused by the pandemic heighten organisations’ sensitivity around employee care and engagement. Over the past 2 years, management’s understanding of the power and importance of an engaged workforce has evolved. The focus has shifted from streamlining and re-engineering processes in the workplace to employee retention and engagement.  

We know that using the KTC approach changes the way people interact, behave, and think about conversation, but what could that do to the organisation itself? In a recruitment landscape that demands that organisations pay more than lip-service to global values that are meaningful to their employees, what role might the KTC moderation process in guiding the organisation to new heights of connection and employee satisfaction?

Date and Time

February 10, 2022
17:30 – 19:00
11:30 – 13:00  
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