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Tyoch provides a professional, branded umbrella association of like-minded and high-quality professionals who strive to exceed expectations and go the extra mile.

  • On Tyoch, your bio, photo and list of courses or coaching areas coupled with descriptions, allows potential clients to connect with you quickly
  • The built-in Coach & Trainers’ Management System allows you to store learning material, post your class/coaching schedule, amalgamates evaluations, comments and assess results, as well as to track participant’s progress through their course of studies
  • A collaboration forum allows you to connect with other coaches and trainers to develop new concepts and brainstorm resolutions for design, formatting or other training development challenges
  • A built-in online shop allows you to sell courses materials, books, etc. without extra investment

We offer templates for contracts and reports, client requirements surveys, high-quality, effective program design that acknowledges and showcases your expertise while providing a consistent ‘look and feel’ for client-facing collateral. Standardised surveys allow you to compare your programs and client interaction with others in the field, from course to course and company to company. Analytics help you determine your ‘best fit’ clients and help us market your services to a receptive audience. Our ‘on-call’ experts can be used to provide feedback and guidance on training format and design, collateral development and formatting.