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How does our attitude towards time impact our thoughts, our motivation, our behavior and our life?

Does our attitude towards time have something to do with happiness or motivation?  What about our decision for our work-life balance?

Is there a difference between places, cultures or generations?

How we can reconcile these differences?

We have many tools that were supposed to help us save time and still we are complaining about the lack of time. In fact, research indicates that farm wives in the 1920’s, who were without electricity, spent significantly less time at housework than did suburban women, with all their modern machinery, in the latter half of the same century.

We live longer but we still feel we have not enough time for everything. We stress over this. How is that possible? Can we change it?

This workshop will give you a few keys about:

  • Time perspective concepts of the new psychology of time
  • Time perspective and goals
  • You will find out your specific time perspective profile
  • Specific exercises/interventions on how we can adapt and equilibrate your time perspective in order to have a harmonious, fulfilling and meaningful life.
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Dana is providing counselling, coaching and training services to professionals, middle management or private clients. Since 2010, Dana was involved, developed and implement training & coaching programmes for TRANSITION (at personal and company level), PERFORMANCE (coaching for optimal functioning, mental wellbeing, prevention of mental distress, change of mental attitudes and behaviors, creative problem solving etc) and COMMUNICATION. Before she worked as consultant and trainer on innovation strategy matters on projects of Europe Union and sales and marketing departments in different industries. She has degrees both in economics (Romania and Italy) and psychology (United Kingdom). She speaks and works in English, French, Italian and Romanian. Dana has holistic approach, combining a goal-oriented style with the principle of considering every person with his or her own feelings, beliefs, experiences and life expectations. President of the Association of Positive Psychology Luxembourg asbl and member of International Positive Psychology Association; British Psychological Society and European Mentoring and Coaching Council. More details on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danamoldoveanu

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+10 only in coaching and training and 10 in innovation/ marketing/sales strategies; research and applications in personal creativity; national identity; presentation of my research at the European Conference of Positive Psychology in 2018    
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