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This is a virtual course.

So you’ve read all the books and consulted all the internet sites that show you how to create winning presentations… but there is still something missing. You can feel that there are tips and tricks out there, that master facilitators are not giving away. Whether you are offering virtual or in-person training or coaching, if you are interested in ‘upping’ your game, this course is for you.

Ensure that every element of your training program provides the highest ROI for your participants and your clients, join Lisa FRANCIS-JENNINGS for  two, 90-minute enlightening session regarding winning structures and designs for your training program. This program is totally customised to the trainers’ needs. The program includes a review of you personal training material and collateral (handouts, communications, etc;). Lisa considers the psychology of learning and group-think as well as facilitation ‘golden rules’ as she provides feedback and suggestions to make your program the best it can be.

Since this training is conducted in ultra-small groups, you must submit, and come prepared to discuss, one of your current training programs.  Once the purchase is completed, Lisa will contact you to arrange a convenient schedule for the two meetings.

Please contact info@tyoch.com for information on corporate packages and pricing.

Lisa FRANCIS-JENNINGS has over 30 years experience with designing and executing training programs. She is a master facilitator and her company is the European Centre of Excellence for Kitchen Table Conversation Moderation.

Please contact info@tyoch.com for information on corporate packages and pricing.

Lisa Francis-Jennings Covid-19 note: Special discount on registrations during the Covid-19 isolation period

Testimonial – Christine

I reached out to Lisa to give me some advice on a training course I had prepared in hopes that she would help me pep it up.  Lisa performed a thorough review and provided me with detailed and pertinent comments on every single slide; always proposing ideas that took my personal style into account. She also coached me on my presentation technique and gave me direct and practical feedback that allows me to train with more confidence. Truly a worthwhile and enjoyable experience! 



Lisa is a seasoned business owner, coach, consultant & mentor, with deep experience in sales, internal & external marketing, communication, presentation & promotion, organisational transformation, project management, process governance, process & procedure implementation change management, business transition & scaling, knowledge asset management & control. She brings focus to client’s efforts. She motivates & inspires groups to push beyond boundaries & realise strategic potential. Languages: English
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