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From scrambling to outfit the workforce to dealing with the organisational stress of the pandemic, HR was never challenged more to bring the right team together to deal with employee engagement and management.
Building capacity & competency in the current business landscape includes transitioning your staff back to the workplace in the most effective manner.
Now, as we enter this new phase, HR personnel have new hurdles.
Join us for the first installment of this unique three-part series on supporting staff through a potentially high-stress transitions. Sign up for free:

Tuesday, September 22nd at 17:30:
Jean-Pierre Faber, Director, CSSF will discuss strategies used by the CSSF to bring their workforce back to the office

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Kitchen Table Conversation: Thursday, September 24th at 17:30

The New Manager: Skills for Creating Successful Teams in the New Normal: Tuesday, September 29th  at 17:30

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