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June 11 at 17.00 hrs
July 16 at 18.00 hrs
August 20 at 17.30 hrs
September 22 at 17.30 hrs

With everything happening in the world today, we are forced to shift our mindset to understand the importance of distinguishing ourself during virtual call sessions.  Competence is key, but we also know that looking the part is just as important, not to say more important !

How to prepare for your video-conference

  • Avoid frustrations
  • Quality of internet connection
  • Environmental quality
  • Audio quality
  • Rules to follow
  • Video quality
  • Useful equipement

Making a good virtual impression

  • Body language and attitude

Adopting the right outfit

  • Appearance

Image and credibility on social networks

With this training, you will learn

  • How to shift your mindset in order to project the very best professional image of yourself
  • The importance of ensuring your professionalism through non-verbal communication
  • To be mindful that the way you dress is aligned with your professional brand.
  • How to prepare for your video-conference

    Avoid frustrations by taking care of everything before the start of your visioconference

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  • Making a good virtual impression
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  • Adopting the right outfit
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About Ever since early childhood, she'd been cradled in the world of textile wool spinning and beautiful high quality fabric. During her long experience as an Executive Assistant in prestigious companies, she noticed that the image of some businesspeople in Luxembourg, regardless of gender and hierarchy level, was not necessarily the one they would have liked to reflect. Her objective is to help men and women create their own style, while maximising their potential and making them feel comfortable as well as help them take the little extra step that will sublimate the person they are deep inside. Experience in numbers 7 years experience monthly articles in AGEFI (financial newspaper)
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