42 students

This is a virtual course.

Objectives: HR Professionals will learn to:

  • redefine their expertise & experience in terms of value-add to the organisation
  • acquire personal sales skills that will support their go-forward plan
  • create a personal value statement that clearly articulates their desired outcome
  • develop a strategy to pin-point areas of interest and potential strategic moves

Content: In the changing world of business and the arrival of disruptive technologies, traditional roles in the organisation are about to be redefined. Some professions will no longer exist, and new professions will emerge. One such area is HR. Automated systems are allowing companies in Luxembourg to downsize the organisation and redefine roles. This course allows HR professionals to take stock of their experience and expertise and define their value-add for the organisation.

Results: By the end of the course, participants will develop an initial list of their skill sets mapped to role options and have a plan to promote and secure acknowledgement of their value-add.

Target Audience: HR Professionals

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  • Selling the Strategic Value of HR



Lisa is a seasoned business owner, coach, consultant & mentor, with deep experience in sales, internal & external marketing, communication, presentation & promotion, organisational transformation, project management, process governance, process & procedure implementation change management, business transition & scaling, knowledge asset management & control. She brings focus to client’s efforts. She motivates & inspires groups to push beyond boundaries & realise strategic potential. Languages: English