Bridge cultural differences
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Discover your individual cultural preferences with the Cultural Orientations Framework ™.

Objectives of the workshop:

  • Improve your cross-cultural mindfulness
  • Reflect about your own cultural orientations
  • Develop tools to understand each other’s cultural identity

This tool based on Philippe Rosinski’s groundbreaking book Coaching Across Cultures offers a dynamic and inclusive vision of culture beyond stereotypes. Its goal is to unleash the potential that resides in cultural diversity and promote the leveraging of cultural differences for improved creativity, effectiveness, unity and purpose.

The workshop will introduce you to the different dimensions of the Cultural Orientations Framework.

To take full advantage of our experience together and upon registration, you will have the opportunity to complete the COF on-line assessment and bring your report with you for our session together. The completion of the questionnaire should take about 20 minutes.

The individual COF assessments and the aggregate results of the group are included in the price of the session.

Your individual data will not be divulged and strict confidentiality will be respected. Only aggregate results will be shared with the group of participants.

Françoise Falisse

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Françoise Falisse is a certified executive (ACC, ICF), intercultural & life coach (COF), trainer and certified consultant of the Method of Colours (AEC Disc). She equips managers working abroad with tools that help them to rapidly adjust to cultural changes and to communicate effectively in a multicultural environment. Françoise holds Masters degrees in Management and Germanic Philology, blended with 25 years of professional experience in Belgium, Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria) and Luxembourg. She has filled business functions such as commercial management, communication and human resources, to consultation at the directorate-general level. This overseas experience has allowed her to blend her extensive experience in the business world, with academic perspective. Françoise designs training that helps managers working abroad to rapidly adjust to cultural changes and to communicate effectively in a multicultural environment. She has a special niche for supporting early-career women abroad in their life and professional development. Françoise assists participants to discover how to leverage their multicultural experience as a stepping stone to develop their identity and personal leadership potential, so they can unleash their growth and build their confidence. She recently launched her podcast “Women Abroad”. She believes that a manager who is more adapted and better trained in terms of personal understanding is more efficient, well-balanced, motivated and inspiring for others. Building trust with her clients is of paramount importance for Françoise who focuses on being a valuable resource for her clients; helping them grow as individuals and reach their objectives using clear boundaries and safe environment. Françoise is often described as inspiring, stimulating and visionary who imparts confidence, with a deeply human approach. The bright colours she loves to wear contribute to her flare and influence as she shares her experiences and inner joy


Masters of Management Masters of Germanic Philology


Associate Certified Coach , ICF Certified Consultant of the Method of Colours Cultural Orientations Framework Coach


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25 years’ experience 2 Masters degrees 3 Certifications 2 languages 5+ countries  
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