Revive to Thrive

by | May 3, 2021

team wellness
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Is your team stressing when they could be thriving?

After one year, the COVID pandemic is amplifying stress levels and driving down mental wellbeing. Where teams are concerned, day-to-day performance suffers as operational or business risks increase.

As an organizational or HR leader, you’ve reached out and checked in. Sanitation measures were taken. 1on1 conversations are in place. Still, you sense the untold truths and want to give voice to the silent “stressors” while safeguarding their anonymity. You know that unchecked, they will spread and tip into unproductive organization-wide angst and hurt productivity. But everyone’s swamped, and people are not so forthcoming about sharing their concerns openly, for fear of being judged!

‚ÄčThis program was designed for you to turn things around practically, taking all the human nuances and sensibilities into consideration! More importantly, it’s based on positive psychology and systemic approach which keeps solutioning on a constructive and innovative premise rather than a root-cause problem-analysis.

What you get:

  1. A tailored organization survey to gather candid and anonymous information to get a pulse on general state of wellbeing and identify hotspots
  2. External turnkey management and executive communications that ensure impartiality and unbiased interpretation of findings
  3. One group coaching of management and HR to identify and prioritize up to three strength-based innovative solutions to implement
  4. 1on1 executive coaching with the organization or HR leader to help define tracking of progress or leadership development needs
  5. 20% discount on a follow-up change and innovation program to build on findings’ momentum