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‘Having lived my life on the basis of self-esteem, discovering unconditional self-worth
was a whole new adventure.’
John Niland, Founder of   The Self-Worth Academy

The essential value of Self-Compassion, or ‘befriending ourselves in difficult times’, has been widely recognised across the Buddhist and the academic/secular/therapeutic worlds alike (see, for example, the work by Sharon Salzberg, Kristin Neff and Chris Germer). As counter-intuitive as it may seem, in our apparently individualistic society, we have a very hard time letting go of our faults or perceived failures, thus adding painful strategies such as resistance or denial, and feelings like failure and worthlessness, to an already difficult moment.

Curiously, it is told that when a group of Western Mindfulness practitioners paid a visit to the Dalai Lama and asked him how to deal with people’s sense of unworthiness, the great Master was shocked – why shouldn’t one love oneself?

This very common feature in the contemporary world has been at the core of John Niland’s Self-Worth Safari, which has led to the foundation of the Self-Worth Academy and to his book, providing essential insights – such as the importance of drawing a line between self-esteem and self-worth and of underlining the unconditional nature of the latter.

Claudia Vettore


About Claudia is a translator, interpreter, tour guide and planner, teacher of foreign languages in Italy and Italian for foreigners elsewhere, with a passion for cinema, travel and Argentine tango. She has lived in several places in Italy and abroad (UK, Belgium, USA, Luxembourg). A few years ago she stumbled upon Mindfulness and it was an immediate insight: in very little time she decided to start the teacher training pathway with the School of Medicine within the University of Massachusetts, where Jon Kabat-Zinn founded the Center for Mindfulness and designed the now renowned MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) Protocol and started a blog. In line with her lifestyle, her wish is to convey this approach of full awareness in different contexts (education, corporate, general) and languages (Italian and English) and locations (Sicily, Rome, Milan, Luxembourg). She has completed two courses of Mindfulness for Children and Adolescents, with Mindful Schools (2015) and Amy Saltzman (2017) and one on Mindful Eating (2015) with Jan Chozen Bays. In 2017 she met John Niland and immediately joined his Self-Worth Safari, becoming one of the first members of the Self-Worth Academy. She has now offered several MBSR cycles, numerous workshops, guided Mindful Walks in nature and is constantly planning new Mindfulness-based activities. Experience in numbers 5 years of MBSR Protocols, Mindfulness seminars etc.- contributed to blogs on Self-Worth Academy websites References Catharina Biver (Business Coach) John Niland (Self-Worth Academy) Francesca Barbanera (Child Neuropsychiatrist)