New World Leader Series: Productivity is Dead, Long Live Productivity

by | Apr 26, 2021

Are we aiming for human or robotic productivity
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Before COVID-19, human productivity losses costed our global economy $1 trillion per year (WHO estimates). For some, this has worsen because of poor mental health working from home (WFH), while others report a boost because of it. Why the disconnect? What if our view of productivity is the issue?

Productivity is dead. Long live productivity! 

We can’t talk about healing without touching on workplace wellbeing or economic recovery. And that’s not enough if the business organizations we are re-building is based on the very same practices that got us here. The way knowledge workers’ productivity is defined and managed is one such practice. It’s still too anchored in the industrialized age. If we see humans as robots, then robots will no doubt take over humans one day. Frankly, we don’t believe that will happen, but we do think it’s time to re-visit how we define human productivity in a hybrid workplace.

Don’t agree? Come tell us why, and make a new professional friend in the process.

In collaboration with Ellagora, you are invited to join it’s principal, Eileen Lee Lavergne, and our guests for a virtual Kitchen Table Conversation to pick this apart. Along with industry HR executive, Markus Draeger, employment and litigation lawyer, Jackye Elombo, and Tyoch CEO, Lisa Francis-Jennings, we’ll brave the conversations that get us to “What if …” and “What can be …”.

Notions of time, space, distance and information have been distorted in ways never imagined before. The importance of connecting to get to a shared understanding is on us as knowledge thinkers and do-ers. This dedicated forum is an opportunity to get practical on innovative thinking for today’s hybrid workplace. Whether you are a people manager or not, if you are tired of the status quo and want to do different and better, you’re in good company. Diverse perspectives and innovative practice is what we are aiming for, not expert authority.

Register, and read our blogpost for a warmup to the meetup and conversation.

Virtual Event: Join the Zoom Call by clicking the ‘Curriculum’ tab, you’ll see a meeting link in the first lesson.