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This is a virtual and/or in-person course.

Created by Rick Wolfe the Kitchen Table Conversation process creates a comfortable and safe environment for open communication and information sharing; allowing participants to reside in a state of heightened cooperation where it is easy and safe to disagree, air differences of opinions, quickly confirm or repudiate assumptions or organizational dogma, and to generate new innovative ways to considerately resolve problems. It supports on-going and frequent change initiatives and, as rapid innovation becomes the rule, not the exception, this unique approach mobilizes target markets and discrete populations to engage with and become accountable for innovation. Kitchen Table Conversations give voice to the under-represented and energy to the corporation. 

This moderator training program takes place over several modules. Moderators-in-Training are required to attend a minimum of 3 Kitchen Table conversations and moderator a minimum of 2 KTCs to receive accreditation.

the fee of 1,800 eur per person includes workshops and access to templates, guidelines, checklists and samples.

Please contact Lisa FRANCIS-JENNINGS for corporate pricing tailored to your needs. Lisa’s company, Strataffect SA, is the centre of excellence for Kitchen Table Conversations in Europe. She uses metaphor, case studies and story-telling ensure that all learning is taken back to the core of your organisation by using examples that live in the heart and minds of the participants.

This course is offered virtually and in person.

Please contact lisa@strataffect.com for information on corporate packages and pricing.

Lisa Francis-Jennings Covid-19 note: Special discount on registrations during the Covid-19 isolation period



Lisa is a seasoned business owner, coach, consultant & mentor, with deep experience in sales, internal & external marketing, communication, presentation & promotion, organisational transformation, project management, process governance, process & procedure implementation change management, business transition & scaling, knowledge asset management & control. She brings focus to client’s efforts. She motivates & inspires groups to push beyond boundaries & realise strategic potential. Languages: English