35 students

Date: June 29 | Time: 16:00 – 17:15

What are HR departments doing to cope with the dual requirement of job redesign and keeping up with the latest productivity tools and how are HR leaders stepping up to showcase the strategic value to their organisations?

The past weeks/months have shown how important, and how productive, digitalisation can be. In fact, the majority of HR leaders understand that never before has the urgency to, and in many cases, the ease of transforming their workforce, been more apparent. Unfortunately, along with the need to digitalise and transform the workplace is the need to digitalise and transform HR itself. Manging the intersection of job responsibilities redesign and the selection of tools that will truly lead to more effective and productive organisations is a strategic and, at the same time, very tactical requirement. 

Introduction & Wrap-Up Comments: Darren Robinson, Managing Partner | Luxembourg | Recruitment & Executive Search | Anderson Wise


Géraldine Hassler, Head of People & Culture chez KPMG Luxembourg

Astrid Mayrhofer, Head of Human Resources –  Apex Group Ltd (Luxembourg Branch)

Tetyana Karpenko, CEO of THE LOUPE

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Moderator: Lisa Francis-Jennings (Tyoch.com)

Moderator Support: Ainsley Francis

The virtual event”HR: High Tech to Human Touch” is the first in the series #Curating Covid19, brought to you by:

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Format: Virtual Kitchen Table Conversation (KTC)

About KTCs

The KTC is simple, reliable, and repeatable. Because it is a genuine conversation, it is also always fleeting, always surprising, and occasionally brilliantly chaotic.

Grounded solidly in Appreciative Inquiry, and Solution Focused Coaching, the KTC methodology grew organically out of a deep belief that innate social interaction structures could be scaled up and leveraged for facilitating meaningful (fact-finding, feedback, discussion and problem-solving) conversations within organizations. KTC is more fun and more powerful than most constructed models for interaction and dialogue. Why wouldn’t we want to use it if we could figure out how to convert the apparent chaos of conversation into a reliable platform? The biggest surprise about KTCs is how very easy they look.

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Lisa is a seasoned business owner, coach, consultant & mentor, with deep experience in sales, internal & external marketing, communication, presentation & promotion, organisational transformation, project management, process governance, process & procedure implementation change management, business transition & scaling, knowledge asset management & control. She brings focus to client’s efforts. She motivates & inspires groups to push beyond boundaries & realise strategic potential. Languages: English