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The concept of balancing work and personal life is something I have been studying (and personally struggling with!) for decades. Having worked my whole career for financial institutions in Luxembourg, this often seemed like a foreign concept that was simply not possible for people in my situation.

My professional career included holding positions with client and people management responsibilities, eventually becoming a Director in charge of a relationship management department. Throughout this time, it seemed I was always expected to be available 24/7, which left me feeling out of balance with my personal life.

It wasn’t until I started looking inward and reflecting on my own thoughts and actions that I started to realize I had more control over the situation than I imagined. In fact, I was the only one responsible for finding balance in the different aspect of my life. Although the journey may not be an easy one, the recipe is actually very simple.

Join me in this course to discover your own definition of what balance means to you and create a personalized plan to help get you there.

One participant wrote:

“Hi Christine, what a thoroughly enjoyable training you provided to our group! I was not expecting to have any great epiphanies during the workshop, but despite my ‘mental barriers’ 😉 I learned something new and helpful about myself. Thanks for a wonderful course. Lisa”

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  • April 15 from 14.00 – 15.30 (50% discount on registration price during the Covid-19 ‘stay at home’ period)
  • May 8 from 12.00 – 13.30 (50% discount on registration price during the Covid-19 ‘stay at home’ period)
Christine O’Bright



Originally from Canada, I have been working in the Luxembourg financial industry for over 20 years. For 10 of those years I held the role of Client Relationship Management for a large, American bank where I was a Director. In 2017, I decided to pursue a new career path and re-trained to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Soon thereafter I started my own coaching & training company, Bright Futures, and am actively working with people in the financial industry to support them on their path to professional and personal development. Some of the training courses I facilitate focus on soft skills such as Leadership & Management and Work/Life balance while others are more centered on technical skills like International Financial Markets and MIFID II. I also work as an independent non-executive director for investment funds and am an active member of Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs (ILA). I hold a degree in Economics and French and am a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder since 2000. I speak fluent French and English and have experience coaching and training in both languages. Languages: English and French

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3 years as a coach and trainer, 25 years in the financial industry
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