80 students

This is an ONLINE seminar (in-person version can be organized, please get in touch)

(Please Note: this seminar is highly recommended for anybody interested in taking the 8-week MBSR Protocol – when signing up for the MBSR, this cost will be deducted)

Recent empirical research has established the effectiveness of Mindfulness-based strategies for the enhancement of our resilience, emotional intelligence, empathy, creativity and mental focus, demonstrating that Mindfulness can induce remarkable changes correlated with superior performance. At the same time, although we probably take pride in our ability to deal with more than one task simultaneously, neuroscience is now showing that the mind’s capacity for multitasking is extremely limited. Understandably, more and more US and European companies have been offering their employees and managers a host of Mindfulness programmes.

During our workshop, we will explore the basic principles and approaches offered by Mindfulness, for a first taste of this amazing capacity that is in-built in all of us.


LEVEL: All levels (Beginners welcome)


  • Becoming more aware of our habitual reactions to stress
  • Experimenting with some basic Mindfulness meditation practice
  • Developing our inner capacity for being present and paying attention
  • Questioning our perceptions and allowing ourselves to make better decisions
Claudia Vettore


About Claudia is a translator, interpreter, tour guide and planner, teacher of foreign languages in Italy and Italian for foreigners elsewhere, with a passion for cinema, travel and Argentine tango. She has lived in several places in Italy and abroad (UK, Belgium, USA, Luxembourg). A few years ago she stumbled upon Mindfulness and it was an immediate insight: in very little time she decided to start the teacher training pathway with the School of Medicine within the University of Massachusetts, where Jon Kabat-Zinn founded the Center for Mindfulness and designed the now renowned MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) Protocol and started a blog. In line with her lifestyle, her wish is to convey this approach of full awareness in different contexts (education, corporate, general) and languages (Italian and English) and locations (Sicily, Rome, Milan, Luxembourg). She has completed two courses of Mindfulness for Children and Adolescents, with Mindful Schools (2015) and Amy Saltzman (2017) and one on Mindful Eating (2015) with Jan Chozen Bays. In 2017 she met John Niland and immediately joined his Self-Worth Safari, becoming one of the first members of the Self-Worth Academy. She has now offered several MBSR cycles, numerous workshops, guided Mindful Walks in nature and is constantly planning new Mindfulness-based activities. Experience in numbers 5 years of MBSR Protocols, Mindfulness seminars etc.- contributed to blogs on Self-Worth Academy websites References Catharina Biver (Business Coach) John Niland (Self-Worth Academy) Francesca Barbanera (Child Neuropsychiatrist)
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