EMC Topic #8: Productive Disagreement and Divergent Thinking

by | Sep 6, 2022

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Tuesday September 13th 2022, 17:30 – 19:00

How might organisations encourage and support gracious and productive disagreement and divergent thinking?

The past few years have underlined the importance of innovation and creative problem-solving in assisting companies to adapt and overcome a myriad of issues and challenges. Innovation can foster growth, reinvigorates the employee population, allow the organisation to transition into new markets or to capitalize on new trends. Disagreement and allowing for differing viewpoints are acknowledged to be game changers in terms of sustaining an innovative environment and supporting creative problem solving. Join us to discuss potential strategies and behaviours that leaders might use to encourage productive, but gracious, divergent thinking and disagreement in their organisation. 

About Kitchen Table Conversation 

Kitchen Table Conversations create a comfortable and safe environment for lively conversation and active information exchange and sharing. They allow participants to reside in a state of heightened co-operation, generating new and innovative ways of looking at problems, and ensuring that examples live on in the minds of the participants. 

Our moderator, Rick Wolfe, is recognized internationally for the animated conversations he produces using his unique approach. The book, Innovation at the Kitchen Table, co-authored by Rick Wolfe and Lisa Francis-Jennings, can be found on Amazon.

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