EMC Topic #11: Play in the Workplace

by | Nov 15, 2022

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Come along for our next edition of the series “Empowering Meaningful Conversations”

What do we see in organisations that introduce elements of play to help their teams to build ‘creative muscle’?

Valuing play as part of organisational culture increases the capacity to learn, adapt and innovate.  The past few years have underlined the importance of innovation and creative problem-solving in assisting companies to adapt and overcome a myriad of issues and challenges. Innovation can foster growth, reinvigorates the employee population, allow the organisation to transition into new markets or to capitalize on new trends. Serious Play has been identified as one of the critical elements that frees people’s minds and allows them to embrace lateral and more creative thinking.  Join us to discuss potential strategies and processes that leaders might employ to encourages ‘serious play’ that supports creativity & Innovation in their organisation. 

Please join us for a Virtual Kitchen Table Conversation on Tuesday, December 6 at 17:30 CET