EMC Topic #1: Creativity & Innovation

by | Jan 11, 2022

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January 13 2022, 17:30 – 19:00

How might the KTC approach be used to create or support a strong culture of innovation and creativity?

Team meetings, customer experience iteration, product evolution, large scale stakeholder engagement processes, project management, qualitative research, process re-engineering, the list of organizational initiatives that require collaboration, innovation and creativity is limitless.

This series of Kitchen Table Conversations provides a (virtual) space for those people who are familiar with the KTC approach. Join us to exchange views on different aspects of the methodology. Help us consider fully how using the KTC approach, whether in formal conversations or during the day-to-day, can impact organisations positively.

About Kitchen Table Conversation 

Kitchen Table Conversations create a comfortable and safe environment for lively conversation and active information exchange and sharing. They allow participants to reside in a state of heightened co-operation, generating new and innovative ways of looking at problems, and ensuring that examples live on in the minds of the participants. 

Our moderator, Rick Wolfe, is recognized internationally for the animated conversations he produces using his unique approach. The book, Innovation at the Kitchen Table, co-authored by Rick Wolfe and Lisa Francis-Jennings, can be found on Amazon.

Kitchen Table Conversation Training

Running team meetings? Developing action plans for Organisational Change Management initiatives? Need to mobilise the team to create innovative solutions? It all starts with better conversations. Contact lisa@strataffect.com to find out about training programs based upon the KTC methodology.