60 students

This is a virtual course.

Covid-19 brought a new world… and with it, an unparalleled opportunity to rethink business interaction and organizational priorities. Even now, before isolation ends in most parts of the world, many businesses are already casting forward to the ‘new normal’, as they look for new and innovative options that include remote training and communication vehicles.

No one will argue that Covid-19 has had a disastrous impact on the economy, on different segment of the business landscape, and on whole populations. It has also brought positive  lessons and new learning that, if codified, can be used to improve and progress past this chapter.

This program provides a platform for the organization to come together virtually and to engage in ‘meaning making’. Using Kitchen Table Conversation techniques, teams will extract lessons and consolidate their personal and professional experiences, so that they can be convert that to organisational learning.

This program has several components:

  1. Virtual panel discussion(s)/forum(s) with organisational leadership and key influencers are recorded and made available as a webcast to staff.
  2. Virtual Kitchen Table Conversations explore learning, in terms of the ‘remote’ experience, and changes in approach or perceptions within the larger population are assessed. The discussion is tailored to the specific objectives of the organisation but can entail topics such as:
      1. What staff/teams have learned about each other and themselves?
      2. What changes in perception, judgement and/or assumptions have happened?
      3. How staff/teams want to work (and live) after the isolation period ends?
      4. What improvements could be made to work systems or process?
      5. What can be created together to embolden the company?
      6. What observations should be considered with regard to the whole company working remotely?
  3. Report/summary of the sessions that includes a clear indication of changes in actions, activities and/or approaches going forward
  4. Follow-up discussions to consolidate learning, embed new behaviours, and/or coalesce energy and momentum to transition/transform the organisation to the ‘new normal’

Lisa FRANCIS-JENNINGS is the European Centre of Excellence for Kitchen Table Conversations. With an MSc Psychology (Coaching & Consulting for Change), she brings over 30 years of design, facilitation, and moderation to her engagements.  Contact lisa@strataffect.com to learn more about this ground-breaking program.

Please contact info@tyoch.com for information on corporate packages and pricing.

Lisa Francis-Jennings Covid-19 note: Special discount on registrations during the Covid-19 isolation period



Lisa is a seasoned business owner, coach, consultant & mentor, with deep experience in sales, internal & external marketing, communication, presentation & promotion, organisational transformation, project management, process governance, process & procedure implementation change management, business transition & scaling, knowledge asset management & control. She brings focus to client’s efforts. She motivates & inspires groups to push beyond boundaries & realise strategic potential. Languages: English
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