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L’Ennéagramme est un modèle ancestral fabuleux pour mieux se connaître et mieux comprendre les autres. C’est une carte étonnamment précise du fonctionnement de chacun. Il montre en quoi nous sommes semblables et différents. Il met en lumière, neuf moteurs, neuf manières de voir le monde. L’Ennéagramme est une clé parfaite pour améliorer notre relationnel avec les autres en développant notre empathie et notre intelligence émotionnelle.

Prendre conscience de notre fonctionnement, de nos comportements répétitifs est un excellent point de départ pour se développer et évoluer.

Objectifs de la formation :

  • Identifier son type Ennéagramme et commencer à opérer des changements en soi pour mieux répondre aux situations personnelles et professionnelles du quotidien
  • Comprendre ses motivations profondes et découvrir ses plus belles forces, mais aussi ses limites pour apprendre à y remédier
  • Comprendre les autres types Ennéagramme et développer son empathie

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Durée :

  • Passation du questionnaire HPEI de façon individuelle quelques jours avant la formation (environ 30 minutes)
  • 14 heures de formation

Dates: 30 novembre et 1er décembre 2020 de 9h à 17h

Category: Personal Development


About Florence Tollet is an organizational psychologist graduated from Université Libre de Bruxelles and holds an MBA (Strategy and Change Management, Université du Québec in Montréal) and trainer. She has a passion for helping clients to understand their operating mode, improve relationships and optimise personal and professional development endeavours. With 20 year’s (mainly HR) experience in professional roles and as a freelance psychologist and trainer, Florence’s practice has crossed sectors, from banking, medical, and IT to industrial and spanned oganisations. She agrees with the insight of Temple of Apollo at Delphi “Know thyself” as the first step to accessing another level of consciousness about people and the world. Certified in a variety of personalities assessments such as Enneagram and Profiles Nuances, she blends coaching and adult training techniques to offer innovative and results-oriented personal development training courses that focus on improving communication, managing stress, reducing conflict and developing your leadership potential. Florence has worked and lived in several countries and understand the challenges of staying current with skills and relevant knowledge in today’s workplace. She has a deep understanding of the energy we bring to our relationship, and is convinced that the more you know your personality and understand other’s personalities, the more you become aware of the best reactions to have in both your private and professional contexts. She delights in opening doors of understanding in individuals, teams and organisations. She has adopted Edmond Mbiaka advice as her personal slogan “Strive to become the best version of you…” Experience in numbers: 20 years of professional experience in Canada and Luxembourg, 8 years as trainer and coach, Work in various sectors (Business Development, IT, bank, social, medical, cultural, industrial)
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