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This course will help you enter the IT field very easily. During the lessons you start to think as a developer. 20 hours course which gives you knowledge about how to create websites without any technical background, how to make it popular and visible in google search. You will get to know with fundamentals: web development processes, parts of modern web and of course HTML and CSS to be able to create your own web pages. After this course, you definitely will be aware of how to build your own website and what else you need to learn to carry out all your ideas in the digital area. That is very interesting and it could be your future profession!

This course could be useful for:

  • Any beginners who have never tried coding before
  • Children and Students for self-development and future profession
  • Designers who want to know more about how to code
  • Product-managers in web IT field

What we are going to study:

  • Understand the web development process
  • Create website markup using HTML tags
  • Make your websites more beautiful with CSS
  • Attach unique fonts
  • Learn how to make your website accessible for everybody
  • SEO basics: help users find your website faster
  • Make the website dynamic with CSS animations
  • JavaScript events and animations
  • Add real 3D graphics on your website!

How we are going to study:

  • Theory in an easy way
  • Practice at the lessons together
  • A quiz after each lesson
  • Homeworks
  • Checking homework and answering questions
  • Finish the project during lessons
  • Get the certificate
  • Free consultations after the course

This course is the easiest way to start programming.

The full course takes 20 hours. You will need to take any laptop with you.

Vasilika Klimova - SkillUp School Frontend Lesson
Vasilika Klimova – SkillUp School Frontend Lesson
Vasilika Klimova
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Vasilika Klimova is an author of several courses, collaborating for many years as an instructor and mentor, in well-known online and offline schools, such as HTMLAcademy, Netology, Moscow Coding School, GeekBrains school and Loftschool. She is a regular speaker at different Frontend Europe Conferences. She currently works for Avaloq and previously worked as a Team Leader in Artec 3D and other companies. Vasilika Klimova has a unique ability to make complicated things easy, explaining technical material in a way that is clear to everyone. She has converted many of her students that started to learn coding from zero to change their job and to become a programmer, entering the exciting world of I.T. Languages: English
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