Leveraging Mentoring in Your Organisation

by | Jul 27, 2020

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  • 20 August at 16.00 hrs

Language: English

This virtual workshop is part of the Mindful Mentor programme

Cliched as it may sound the biggest asset of an organisation is its People. While the explosion of knowledge sharing, the plethora of online and in-person training content has enabled learning at your fingertips, it has also led to a constant sense of “too much”, “too confusing”, “too cursory”, “not relevant but I read it anyways” and many such emotions!

Organisations have a wealth of knowledge resident within their people. Experience, expertise, qualifications – all relevant and specific to your industry and to your organisation. However, the challenge often is how do you draw on this knowledge and skill to the benefit of all? This is where a well-structured, carefully planned and thought through Mentoring programme comes in; a programme that provides your staff with opportunities to learn and grow while providing managers and executives an opportunity to hone their leadership skills through relevant knowledge sharing.

Ritu Julka (ORCC) helps organisations create strong mentoring programmes that not only sustain but enable organisational capability build. This 90-minute practical workshop invites and engages you in exploring the possibilities of instituting Mentoring within your organisation.

Learning Outcomes:
Participants will learn how to:
• Review and assess the need for Mentoring within the organisation
• Identify relevant elements of the Mentoring Framework for their organisational growth and/or support
• Define success factors
• Be an influencer who enhances the success and achievements of the organisation

Target Audience:
• Business leaders who want to draw on the full potential of their teams
• HR / L&D / Organisational Development specialists looking to draw on the wealth of experience that exists within their organisation and wish to institute a mentoring pilot programme effectively and efficiently

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Ritu Julka comes with 20+ years of experience as an Organisation Development specialist in the business world. She understands the value of business time and effort, and appreciates the importance of return on investment. Ritu offers practical solutions for the people agenda within organisations. Her workshops are short, precise and lead to co-created solutions that participants can take back to the workplace. Key messages and targeted skill development means that each person hits the ground running from the word Go!