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Tyoch offers remote/virtual coaching to clients wherever they happen to be in the world. We also offer micro-coaching programs, comprised of 1 to 3 sessions focused on addressing a specific ‘hot spots’ that might be tripping up your career or personal goals and/or interaction.

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For Individuals

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Coaching programs of 6 to 10 sessions are available for individuals who are searching for assistance with specific developmental needs. Our coaches are certified by well-known associations or hold appropriate degrees. They are trained in a variety of coaching approaches. Our mentors have deep, and frequently very, very broad, experience across a variety of industries and types of organisations. Mentees can tap their business savvy, network of contacts and/or knowledge of processes, structures and systems used to create a successful team and company.

For Corporations

We offer a unique cost-saving option through our EPOC program (Express Plan for Organisation Coaching). With EPOC, companies purchase blocks of coaching (for example 40 session) and receive a company code. The company liaison (usually an HR professional) then assigns the code to specific individuals, allowing employees to receive single or multiple coaching sessions from one or many coaches or mentors. Unlike other coaching/mentoring interventions, which require you to engage a single coach for a set number of prearranged (usually 10) sessions, Tyoch offers your employees the flexibility to choose as little as 1 session with a coach or mentor. This is particularly advantageous for high potential personnel who may be struggling with challenges that can be remedied quickly, or just need an outside perspective to use as a sounding board.

EPOC also give organisations the option of receiving specific and timely coaching for individual employees with presenting problems that are rooted in lack of knowledge. At Tyoch, your employees can select their preferred coach and/or mentor based upon the area of need and level of expertise required. They can book an individual coach for several sessions or use different coaches/mentors based upon their needs.

Tyoch can work with your team to define what is needed for your specific population.


Whether you wish to support employees in their professional growth, are looking for a coaching solution for your remote workforce, or need to determine underlying or systemic issues that may contribute unproductive employee engagement, our coaches and mentors are ready to assist. Contact info@tyoch.com to discuss your organisational needs.

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Coach or Mentor?

There are dozens of types of coaching. From coaches steeped in positive psychology, to performance and sports psychology, our community offers a robust selection of coaching methodologies and approaches. Results-driven, or performance-based coaching provides guidance and encouragement to define goals and stay on track to complete a course of development over a specific duration. Non-directive or creative coaching gives the individual being coached time to explore new ideas and concepts and to build understanding of their path and their journey toward defining clear personal boundaries, understanding all perspectives associated with their potential choices and make decisions with confidence.


Coaches and mentors provide an objective, outside perspective, helping their clients understand what they are experiencing and decisions they need to make more clearly. A coach can assist employees to overcome performance issues, up their game to the next level, or help set a platform for team growth. A mentor can assist high performers to accelerate their learning curve, integrate more rapidly into a new role, or prepare for a promotion or a lateral move that will take them one step further on their career development path.