About Tyoch

Does your organisation use high-quality trainers and coaches?

Tyoch offers superior and reliable coaches, mentors, and trainers on one easy-to-use platform.

Whether virtual or in-person, Tyoch is the platform for you to find professionals, and services, that meet all your needs. Training, mentoring, and coaching is provided by qualified, multi-lingual professionals. All our service providers, whether coaches, mentors or trainers, have been referred to our platform and vetted by our community.

No matter where your employees are located, we provide group and individual training and coaching

EPOC Coaching Packages

Our Express Plan for Organisational Coaching (EPOC) allows you to purchase blocks of coaching/mentoring for your organisation. This saves you time and cost. With an EPOC purchase, your employees have access to a list of coaches and business mentors that possess an unparalleled range of qualifications and experience.

Sometimes you just need a quick chat

We are in complete support of long-term coaching and mentoring programmes, but sometimes a client just needs to have a conversation with someone from outside the organisation. We offer sets of 3, 6, or 10 coaching sessions with one coach or mentor, but your employees can also book 45 to 60 minutes with one of our professionals to talk through an urgent issue in real-time. 

Contact us at info@tyoch.com to begin a conversation about how we can assist you in meeting your organisational coaching and mentoring goals.

Organisational Coaching / Mentors

Typically, most people equate coaching and mentoring with individuals or very small groups, but there is huge need for coaching on an organisational level. If you are struggling to realise your initiatives or projects, Tyoch offers a special Organisational Coaching & Mentoring service to its clients.

The heart of this service is clear methodology and knowledge transfer, paired with guidance in defining critical performance requirements. Before the engagement begins, performance indicators are keyed to the required outcomes, successful factors identified, and discreate groups impacted by the engagement are identified within your organisation.

This service allows your personnel to rapidly acquire new skills and build upon existing capabilities, while they work with our experts to get their initiative off the ground, or their project across the finish line. Organisational Coaches are skilled in motivation, engagement, communication, and optimising interaction, as well specific business practices and processes.

Contact info@tyoch.com for more information about this very specialised service.

Lisa Francis-Jennings

Lisa Francis-Jennings


We teach your teams ‘how to fish’

Tailored Training Courses & Programs

We work with your HR and/or Learning and Development professionals to design programs that are tailored to your organisational needs. Let us provide suggestions and reports that allow you to track the efficacy of training and coaching throughout your population. As an added value, we provide a view of the latest trends in individual and organisational learning journey development for our corporate members. Our focus is to assist you to deal with real-time requirements

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision: 

Providing excellent training, coaching, and mentoring – without boundaries.

Our Mission:

For organisations:  We address the latest trends and topics in corporate development by providing you with a high-quality and multi-lingual base of professionals. Research, book and pay for services all in one place. Our customised seamless access to high-quality coaches, mentors and trainers saves you time and reduce stress!

For trainer and coaches:  We showcase excellent knowledge and premium professionalism while keeping the majority of revenue in your hands. Our platform affords opportunities for individual coaches, mentors, and trainers to connect (cost effectively) with business clients and markets throughout the world.

Our Goal: 

We aim to WOW!

For organisations: We provide a transparent, easy-to-use platform where corporations can research, select, book, evaluate and receive reports on their training and coaching. One seamless process

For trainer and coaches: Tyoch promotes and markets your high-quality services.

Don’t be limited by location or size.

We want everyone in our community to thrive.

Our Aspiration: 

The Tyoch platform is where big business finds and uses the best that small business has to offer. Our aspiration is to expand options for organisation and small business. We connect big business with high-quality independent professionals.

Our Offering

For organisations: 

Tyoch is a one-stop-shop for high-quality trainers and coaches. Tyoch assists HR and L&D personnel to easily:

  • examine a summary of trainers’ and coaches’ background and areas of specialisation,
  • review training descriptions,
  • see training material examples and schedules,
  • read evaluation and assessments summaries, and
  • monitor progress against learning activities for company personnel.

Even more, busy HR personnel will be able to follow an easy-to-use plan that provides suggestions for training courses related to several different themes. Whether your staff wishes to improve or expand upon their leadership abilities, self-management skills, communication and interaction capabilities, or a plethora of other important skills, this site provides a roadmap to ensure full mastery of each topic.

For individual learners:

Your professional development is an important investment in your future. Tyoch consolidates the best training and coaching available. Choose high-quality trainers based upon your needs and preferences. Select training courses that meet your budget and requirements.

  1. Effortlessly review, select, and schedule your training and coaching.
  2. Receive a summary of your training. Track your progress as you master the capabilities required to move forward on your career path.

It’s a win-win.

Organisations get the highest quality service providers we can identify and those service providers, in turn, realise their potential to make a difference and to make a living.

Don’t see the programmes or courses you need?

Contact us (info@tyoch.com) to arrange a free program design and/or selection session with one of our professionals.