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Tyoch is a one-stop-shop for organisations to find high-quality trainers and coaches who meet all their needs  
For businesses​

Tyoch is a one-stop-shop for organisations to find high-quality trainers and coaches who meet their needs

examine a summary of trainers’ and coaches’ background and areas of specialization
review training descriptions, see training material examples and schedules
read evaluation summaries and assessments
monitor progress against learning activities for company personnel



Especially while organisations are flattening their structure, an individual’s ability to step up to the plate and take charge is critical. Change the way you, and your organization, perceives leadership. Learn to recognize and foster leadership capabilities within your team. Be confident to have important but sometimes difficult business conversations that are crucial to enabling meaningful and fruitful accomplishment at work. Understand the fundamentals of leadership and how to apply those principles whether working with remote or collocated teams. 

Inclusion & Diversity

For over a decade, research has highlighted that gender balance and diversity, especially at the top of the organisation, creates more jobs / profit / revenue / innovation / creativity. But many people continue to see it as a zero-sum game where initiatives designed to promote women do so by harming men. Allow your organization to realize the full benefits of inclusion and diversity by shifting mind-set and behaviours. Check out our training courses that help your organisation bring diversity and inclusion to a new level.

Board Skills

The ability to combine strategic thinking, with well-developed communication skills is the bedrock for executives. Innovative problem-solving and critical thinking can propel Board candidates forward and set them apart from others. A clear leadership mindset and mature management skills allow Board members to operate inclusively and effectively, even in the harshest reality. Check the training courses that allow you and your board candidates to develop.


Coordinating and motivating staff can make a huge difference in building a healthy bottom-line. Understand the behaviours that empowers the team and that will energise them to go to the next level in terms of their performance and goal achievement. This training stream enables manager to create an improvement plan that inspires and strengthen their team and connections through the organisation.

Time Boosts

Heading up a team or a project? Workload, project and time management are integral to success. Managing activities and initiative accurately and effectively lowers organisational and personal stress. It reduces mistakes and errors that can cause riffs in a team. Check out these training courses that will allow you to build healthy and effective work habits and proactive behaviours.


Reconsidering priorities? Striving for a better work-life balance? Looking for ways to understand and reduce stress? Whether you wish to reconsider your priorities, design a new look to your professional image or understand how to communicate your personal needs, this category has a plethora of options for personal and professional growth.

Some Testimonials
My experience of Claudia Vettore “Mindfulness Walk” (in Sicily, Italy) With 45-years of counselling experience asm a Registered Psychologist, I have led and attended many workshops during my career. Claudia is a gifted leader — sensitive, creative, observant, and flexible. She is a skilled communicator who quickly ascertained "how each person takes in information” and personalized the experience. Though I consider myself to be “aware”, Claudia helped me see, hear, feel and sense my surroundings in a way I had never previously known. The insights and inspiration that I gained from my time with her continues to resonate within me. Claudia is an exceptional facilitator, leader and teacher.

Claudia Vettore
Hi Lisa, I wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the commanding presence workshop and for providing me with information that led to this great opportunity. Happy to share that my salary negotiations went well, and I got the raise I wanted. I have to thank you profusely because the event was a big feather on my ‘impressions cap’ that I owe to you!

Trainers & Coaches

Lisa has over 30 years in training and talent development with extensive experience in sales, internal and external marketing, communications, presentation & promotion, and organizational transformation
Tetyana has solid business experience coupled with strong background in computer-mediated interaction and communication, multilinguality, and digital marketing
Christine provides coaching & training to individuals and teams in the financial industry, supporting them on their path to professional and personal development
Dana is providing counselling, coaching and training services to professionals, middle management or private clients.
Angela is an experienced trainer with her major in Business Etiquette, Customer Excellence, Body Language, Networking and Table Manners. Angela has a profound academic background. She loves knowledge and considers it to be the cornerstone of personal development.
Catharina has delivered soft skills trainings, run team building activities and done executive coaching in Luxembourg and all over Europe for more than 20+ years.
I'm a Global Leadership Coach/trainer/consultant with more than 20 years experience working in big international organizations such as Amazon.
Virginia has 20 years experience delivering training globally and focuses on performance Coaching, Experiential Training and Organisational Relational Systemic Team Coaching in the HR Sector and Business Sector
I am an attachment life coach. I work on overcoming the limiting beliefs, coping mechanisms and defence mechanisms created in childhood. When these mechanisms are visible, they are overcome-able and create longer lasting change and fulfilment.
Vasilika Klimova is an author of several courses, collaborating for many years as an instructor and mentor, in well-known online and offline schools, such as HTMLAcademy, Netology, Moscow Coding School, GeekBrains school and Loftschool. She is a regular speaker at different Frontend Europe Conferences.
For the individual​

Tyoch consolidates the best training & coaching available​

Choose trainers based on different quality criteria to ensure that training courses are a truly savvy investment in future skills

Effortlessly review, select and schedule your training and coaching interventions

Preserve your training records, evaluations, and results from training exercises in one easy-to-access secure personal data warehouse

Track your progress as you master the capabilities required to progress along your career path

For Trainers & Coaches​​

Tyoch provides a professional, branded umbrella association of like-minded and high-quality professionals who strive to exceed expectations and go the extra mile

On Tyoch, your bio, photo and list of courses or coaching areas coupled with descriptions, allows potential clients to connect with you quickly

The built-in Coach & Trainers’ Management System allows you to store learning material, post your class/coaching schedule, amalgamates evaluations, comments and assess results, as well as to track participant’s progress through their course of studies