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Inclusion and


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This Train-the-Trainer is designed for people with basic presentation skills and/or a general knowledge of diversity; for example, HR professionals, Diversity Committee members, or managers interested in helping their colleagues learn about the benefits of inclusion & diversity

Inclusion & Diversity

For over a decade, research has highlighted that gender balance and diversity, especially at the top of the organisation, creates more jobs / profit / revenue / innovation / creativity. But many people continue to see it as an a zero-sum game where initiatives designed to promote women do so by harming men. Allow your organization to realize the full benefits of inclusion and diversity by shifting mind-set and behaviors

Bridging Barriers to Competitive Advantage

Ultimately, diversity and gender balance in the workforce must focus on merit, with specific emphasis on truly getting the best-fit candidate for the job, thus providing the highest possible competitive advantage for the organisation

The Struggle with Inclusion

Learn why inclusion and specifically gender equality is important for all future-oriented organizations, and how to promote an agenda that benefits both women and men, and the companies that employ them

Hi Lisa, I wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the commanding presence workshop and for providing me with information that led to this great opportunity. Happy to share that my salary negotiations went well, and I got the raise I wanted. I have to thank you profusely because the event was a big feather on my ‘impressions cap’ that I owe to you!

Trainers & Coaches

Lisa has over 30 years in training and talent development with extensive experience in sales, internal and external marketing, communications, presentation & promotion, and organizational transformation
Tetyana has solid business experience coupled with strong background in computer-mediated interaction and communication, multilinguality, and digital marketing
Christine provides coaching & training to individuals and teams in the financial industry, supporting them on their path to professional and personal development
Dana is providing counselling, coaching and training services to professionals, middle management or private clients.
Angela is an experienced trainer with her major in Business Etiquette, Customer Excellence, Body Language, Networking and Table Manners. Angela has a profound academic background. She loves knowledge and considers it to be the cornerstone of personal development.
Catharina has delivered soft skills trainings, run team building activities and done executive coaching in Luxembourg and all over Europe for more than 20+ years.
I'm a Global Leadership Coach/trainer/consultant with more than 20 years experience working in big international organizations such as Amazon.
Virginia has 20 years experience delivering training globally and focuses on performance Coaching, Experiential Training and Organisational Relational Systemic Team Coaching in the HR Sector and Business Sector
I am an attachment life coach. I work on overcoming the limiting beliefs, coping mechanisms and defence mechanisms created in childhood. When these mechanisms are visible, they are overcome-able and create longer lasting change and fulfilment.
Vasilika Klimova is an author of several courses, collaborating for many years as an instructor and mentor, in well-known online and offline schools, such as HTMLAcademy, Netology, Moscow Coding School, GeekBrains school and Loftschool. She is a regular speaker at different Frontend Europe Conferences.
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